PKS/NRPS Analysis Web-site
Paste the peptide sequence of the PKS/NRPS to analyze:

This project is still a work in progress and will be changing frequently over the next few months. New features will be added.

A complete genome scanning pipeline is available as a stand alone tool at:

For more information please contact:
Jacques Ravel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Institute for Genome Sciences
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD 21201

To cite this tool please use the following citation:
Brian O. Bachmann and Jacques Ravel. In SIlico Prediction of Microbial Secondary Metabolic Pathways from DNA Sequence Data. 2009. Methods in Enzymology. 458:181-217.

September 2009 - Update - Bug fixes

September 18, 2009 - Version 1.1. Bug fixes
1. A problem with wrong sequence being displayed in pop-up window when clicking on domain image has been fixed
2. Unknown domain's fasta file is now displayed.
3. A problem with errors output when no A-domain motifs are found has been fixed. Amino acid not present are now displayed as X.